About Quotefindr

Welcome, and thanks for dropping by! We’re really glad to see you here. You have now entered a webpage dedicated to quotes and shower thoughts.

 What we offer

Quotes: We can offer a collection of quotes in different categories, from motivation and inspiration, to love and famous quotes.

Do you need a quote for a school project? Do you need motivation before a workout? Do you want to find the best quotes from Harry Potter? Or do you need a quote you can use on a gift card on Mothers day? We have what you need.

Shower thoughts: If you don’t need a quote right now, you can go to our Shower Thoughts section instead. 

A shower thought is a (often random) thought you have while doing daily taskts (like showering). It can be a fascinating, interesting, funny or provoking thought. Be prepared to have your mind blown.


Best on relevancy 

We don’t have the largest collection on the internet, but that’s not our goal either. Our goal is to offer the best collection of relevant quotes – for every occation.

Do you have a quote that can fit in on Quotefindr? Please submit a quote and we’ll publish it!


The story behind quotefindr.com

Hi, I’m Øyvind, the creator of quotefindr.com. I want to give you some background information about why I created this website. 

A few months ago I needed a quote for a work project, so naturally I started to search on Google. In the search results I was presented to various quote sites and they all had a huge collection of quotes. 

There was only one problem: there were too many quotes and it was very hard to find quotes that was relevant for my needs. 

I had to dig deep to find what I was looking for. So I thought to myself: «why not create a website with quotes that’s relevant for specific situations? A page that’s easy to navigate?». 

Soon after I startet the work with quotefindr.com. During the process of making this website the idea evolved, and I decided to also include shower thoughts. Why? Because all my best ideas have been born in the shower, and because I love random shower thoughts. Some of the best quotes I have read, have been shower thoughts. 

So today qoutefindr.com is a portal for relevant quotes and interesting shower thoughts.

I hope you find relevant content that’s useful for you. 

If you have feedback, problems or suggestions, please contact me.